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Abstracts of presentations

Wednesday October 6, 2004
Green by Design: Architecture - Concepts, Design Principles, Case Studies
Robin Guenther New York "Green By Design"

Kate Trant Radical Improvement in Hospital Design Necessary for Healthy Hospitals

Green by Design: Best Practice Examples and Success Stories
Elisabeth Huchler Buildings of Tomorrow by the FEderal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Bernhard Lipp Criteria for Healthy and Environmentally Sound Hospitals - Best Practise Case Studies

Bruno Klausbruckner The KAV Strategy for Green and Healthy Buildings

Building Ecology, Health Indoor Environment
Thomas Belazzi Building PVC-and Solvent Free for a Healthy Indoor Environment

Markus Treichler and Rhoda Born Effect of Anthroposophic Clinic Design on Patients and Staff by the Example of the Filderklinik

Energy Efficiency: Low Energy Buildings
Patrick Jung Examples for Successful Energy Efficiency Concepts in German Clinics

Olaf Bruun Jørgensen Energy - Efficient European Hopsital and Health Care Buildings - Case Studies from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Poland

Gunther Pfeifer A "Passive-House" Energy Standard for a New Building at the "Klinikum Freiburg"

Green Procurement I
Ekkehard Philipp Ökokauf - The Eco-Procurement Initiative of Vienna

Anne Ipsen Increasing Efficiency in German Hospitals by Green Procurement

Charlotta Frenander Green Procurement Activities in Sweden

Bo Jonoe Green Dialogue - A Database for Green Purchasing

Late Lessons from Early Warnings
David Gee Late Lessons from Early Warnings

Thursday October 7, 2004
Environmental Pollution and Health
Vyvyan Howard Environmental Pollution affecting Health - the Responsibility of Healthcare Professionals

Gavin ten Tusscher How Pollutants affect Health - Children's Early Dioxin Exposure

Green Procurement II
Gina Pugliese How U.S. Purchasing Organisations responded to the Demand for Green Products

Darian McBain Green Purchasing Initiative

Ines Oehme Procura plus Purchasing Initiative

Environmental Management Systems
Stefan Gara EMAS and ISO 14001 in Hospitals - Benefits, Drawbacks and Perspectives for the Future

Kristina Mårtensson Environmental Management Systems - an appropriate Approach for Hospitals?

Hubert Veitschegger Environment, Quality and Safety - Experiences with an Integrated Management System

Environmental Hazards of Pharmaceuticals
Jan Koschorreck New Legislation for Pharmaceuticals in the EU and New Guidelines for its Application

Klaus Kümmerer Excretion and Environmental Fate of Pharmaceuticals following Use and Disposal

Andreas Hartmann Environmental Aspects in Human Drug Development

Åke Wennmalm Environmental Management of Pharmaceuticals in Public Health Care

Green Chemistry - Products of the Future
Hans Werner Mackwitz Green Chemistry - Products of the Future

Avoiding waste, saving money
Harry Oosterbeek Waste Minimisation Schemes in Hospitals and Laboratories

Nikou Ghassemieh Reprocessing of Medical Devices: A Balance between Ecology and Economy

Sue Tarr Preventing Harm - the UK perspective

Organic Food
Bruno Klausbruckner Introducing Organic Food at the Vienna Hospital Association

Susannah Senior Organic food and sustainable food procurement in the UK

Alternatives to PVC Products
Ted Schettler DEHP Exposure and PVC Risks

Mark Rossi The PVC Market and Alternative Products

Andreas Lischka Glanzing - A PVC free NICU

Anne Marie Vass "PVC Phase out Policy at Karolinska University Hospital

Towards Sustainable Healthcare Facilities
Franz Daschner Do We Need a Green Medicine?

Herbert Schmalz Environmental Responsibility increases Credibility

Options for Improving Environmental Performance
Martin Scherrer Incentives for Employees to use Environmentally Sound Means of Transport

Monika Schaffer Connector - A Tool for Efficient Waste-, Environmental - and Resource Management

Gina Pugliese Reusable Sharps Containers - a Waste Reduction and Worker Safety Strategy

Information and Training
Laura Brannen The "Hospitals for the Environment" Initiative

Peter Ohnsorge Perspective of a Common Education System for Environmental Medicine in Europe

Pawel Gluszynski Staff Training for Waste Prevention

Martin Mühlich greeninghealthcare.net - an Information, Communication and e-learning-Programme for Environmental Management in Hospitals

Alternatives to Medical Waste Incineration
Ted Schettler Environmental and Health Effects of Incineration

Cestmir Hrdinka Overview of Alternative Hospital Waste Treatment Technologies

Brendan McGrath Experiences of Treating Healthcare Risk Waste in Ireland Using Non-Incineration Technology


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